How to Actually Feel Like Working Out?

Answer Okay, so it's a new day and you say to yourself, "It's time to get in shape." Maybe you want to maintain a good physique, get in shape for a sports team, or you want start a healthier lifestyle. Wh... Read More »

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I am currently working, however I feel very lonely what's the best way not to feel this way or depressed?

Get involved with co-workers; volunteer for community services and events, go to church! Whatever you can do to get out there and meet different people that do a variety of things!

Mums would u feel ok with a guy working at ur childs preschool?

It is fantastic to have postive male role models in a pre school. The children relate really well and you will find the mums love you!! You wil have to have CRB check so do not worry about trust is... Read More »

Does working in the garden after a stressfull day make you feel mulch better?

If that is the case I shouldn't have any stress because I farm all day. LOL Yes, It's a great feeling to plant a seed or a tree. Flipping soil with a plow in the spring is the best time of the y... Read More »

How do you feel about people who are remodeling their homes, still working on them on the weekend?

Wow, I can't believe the answers you got, don't listen to them. I totally agree with you, on the weekends neighbors should not be disturbed, period! Some neighbors are inconsiderate and if we do... Read More »