How to Activate a VLAN?

Answer In a network environment, a VLAN is a means of creating logical networks that are managed by a switch or hub. Such a virtual local area network gives an IT department greater scope when managing co... Read More »

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How to Set Up VLAN on SRW2016?

Virtual Local Area Networks (VLAN) divide one physical network into separate broadcast domains. Broadcasts are data communications that are forwarded to everyone else on the network. In addition to... Read More »

How to Setup a VLAN?

Computer networking has changed drastically over the last few decades. While at one time a slow, dial-up modem was considered high-tech, now homes, universities, government agencies and businesses ... Read More »

Types of VLAN Encapsulations?

Virtual Local Area Networks allow data switches to create virtual groups, even if those devices are not connected to the same switch. This is accomplished by adding encapsulation data to each data ... Read More »

VLAN security level?

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