How to Activate a Cingular 3G HSDPA Card on a Samsung SGH-A707?

Answer Activating a Cingular card on a Samsung device is simple but requires some assistance from both network providers. Samsung will have to allow its phone to be unlocked. Unlocking a phone allows it t... Read More »

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How do I activate a Cingular VISA card?

Call the Number on the Front of the CardWhen the card is sent to you in the mail there will be a sticker on the front of the card that has instructions on how to activate the card. There will be a ... Read More »

How to Upgrade Your Treo 750 to Hsdpa on Cingular?

Your Treo 750 has a high-speed 3G modem. As the Cingular network upgrades from UMTS to HSDPA, theoretical download speeds increase by 10x. Several cities in the US are already HSDPA capable, but Ci... Read More »

Can a cingular sim card work in a t-mobile samsung phone?

No it won't work! I used to work for Cingular and got this question all the time. I was gonna make a suggestion, but already see the answer listed here! You should do exactly what scobysnax1064 ... Read More »

What type of card is the SIM card in most Cingular phones?

it won't work in any consumer media reader. it doesn't work like that. The sim cards are basically small squares of plastic (about the side of a miniSD?) and have 6-8 contacts on the face of the ... Read More »