How to Activate Wet Acid Batteries?

Answer The battery in your car is one example of a a wet acid battery -- possibly the best-known type of battery as of 2011. Car batteries provide the power to start the car and operate many of the featur... Read More »

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What acid is in car batteries?

Lead-acid batteries use sulfuric acid that is watered down to help create a current of electricity. These batteries are able to generate 12 volts of electricity. Six lead cells inside the battery h... Read More »

How to Add Acid to Motorcycle Batteries?

Constantly remove the battery prior to the charging, use only if this kind of battery is suggested by your motorcycle produce.

What type of acid is used in automobile batteries?

Automobile batteries--sometimes referred to as "SLI" batteries for "Starting, Lighting and Ignition"--use lead plates and sulfuric acid combined with water to help deliver current to the starter mo... Read More »

How to Charge Lead-acid Batteries?

Lead-acid batteries are used in cars and other items such as golf carts and wheelchairs as they are able to produce high energy at low voltage. Most lead-acid batteries produce 12 volts, but are ca... Read More »