How to Activate Saliva Production?

Answer Saliva is essential to dental health. Without adequate saliva production your risk of tooth decay and oral infection increases, and eventually you may develop difficulty with speaking, swallowing a... Read More »

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Does saliva help a cut.?

This is a tricky question as saliva it's self is an antibacterial, that's why cats and animals lick their wounds. However if one person bites someone else than your saliva works as lets a poison, h... Read More »

What is the first aid when choking on one's saliva?

Most healthy people can swallow their own saliva, so not being able to do so is indicative of a serious neurological insult, that should be taken into consideration.That said, first aid for choking... Read More »

How to Test DNA With Saliva?

A new method to test DNA has been developed and all it involves is a simple swab of the mouth. Many employers are using DNA saliva tests to check for drug use by job candidates and current employee... Read More »

Can saliva spread HIV?

Although testing has found HIV, or human immunodeficiency virus, in low quantities in the saliva of AIDS patients, there are no recorded cases of HIV transmission through saliva. HIV is most common... Read More »