How to Activate My Sky Caddie on Skygolf.Com?

Answer allows you to activate your SkyCaddie in two ways: by downloading an application and activating the caddie on your desktop or by activating it directly on the website. The S... Read More »

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How old do you have to be to be a golf caddie?

The age requirement of golf caddies varies, but generally golf courses hire caddies that are 14 or older. For example, the Oakland Hills Country Club golf course in Michigan requires that caddies b... Read More »

PGA Caddie Rules?

A caddie on the PGA Tour is an adviser and assistant to the golfer he supports, but his duties go beyond carrying the bag and helping the golfer read shots and decide which club to play. The caddie... Read More »

What does a PGA caddie earn during a tournament?

PGA caddies earn a base salary as well as performance-based incentives in tournaments. The base salary is about $1,000 per week. Caddies also earn about 5 percent of the tournament purse, 7 percent... Read More »

How much does a pro golf caddie make?

The going pay rate for PGA Tour caddies is $1,000 per week and 5 percent of what a player earns from the tournament purse, according to Dennis Cone, president of the Professional Caddies Associatio... Read More »