How to Activate My Facebook?

Answer If you have signed up for Facebook, you might be eager to get started finding friends and posting messages. Before you can explore the wonderful world of Facebook, however, you will need to activat... Read More »

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How to Activate Facebook on a PS3?

Sharing information on Facebook is one of the most popular ways of communicating in this age of technology. One great way to show off your gaming achievements to your Facebook friends is to use the... Read More »

How to Activate Facebook Login Security?

Ever wanted to know EXACTLY when someone logs in to your account on Facebook, be it you, a hacker, your mom/ dad, you can find out. A simple settings tweak will allow you to.

How to Activate Facebook Mobile With an LG Rumor?

Activating Facebook Mobile on your LG Rumor mobile phone enables you to perform certain functions from the phone via text. You can update your status, comment on posts and poke a friend via text af... Read More »

Why won't Facebook allow me to de-activate my account?

facebook never removes accounts..... even if you "deactivate" it, everything is still there, should you choose to returnthink, "Hotel California"