How to Activate My Etisalat 3G Service?

Answer Etisalat is an Egyptian company that provides phone and network systems for offices and businesses, primarily in the Middle East. One feature it offers is 3G (3rd Generation) wireless service. This... Read More »

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How do I activate BlackBerry Internet service?

Subscribe to ServiceSubscribe to BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) with your wireless provider. To use BIS, you must activate this feature by contacting your wireless provider. Call your wireless p... Read More »

How to Activate Platinum Service for Cabal?

Cabal Online is a free massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) set in a fantasy world. The game features an intuitive combat system, guilds, player versus player combat and six play... Read More »

Is it true METRO PCS could use any phone and activate it under their service?

Metro PCS can only use CDMA phones (phones that don't require a SIM card or chip to work like GSM phones). GSM phones include T-mobile, Cingular/ AT&T, and some nextels.However this leaves Verizon,... Read More »

How do I activate terminal service licensing on a Windows 2000 server?

Starting the Activation ProcessGo to the Start menu, select Administrative Tools and then Terminal Services Licensing. Select the server you wish to activate. Locate the Action menu and select Ac... Read More »