How to Act when Your Boyfriend Tells You That You're Beautiful?

Answer So you hear the big words! No, they're not "I love you" but they're "you're beautiful" instead. A large and awkward pause dominates the conversation as your boyfriend waits for that ideal simmering... Read More »

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What does it mean when your boyfriend has a dream that youre pregnant with twins?

When your Sister tells you that your butt is so big it can feed a whole African country breakfast lunch dinner and snack as she tries to pass by what do I say back?

If your mom tells you she wants you to be her friend even though she's your mom too does that mean that she would be there for you if you got pregnant?

AnswerThat question is impossible for a stranger to answer. Everybody is different. You know your mother better than anyone else could, and are far better able to make such a judgment than someone ... Read More »

How to Look Beautiful for Your Boyfriend?

So you have a boyfriend, and you want to look really beautiful for him. Maybe it's for a special day, such as his birthday or Valentine's day, or maybe you just want to look beautiful for him just ... Read More »