How to Act when Somebody Pays You a Compliment?

Answer If someone pays you a compliment, sometimes it is tricky to reply. Here's how, without sounding smug or under-confident,

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How to Compliment a Guy?

Receiving a compliment can lead to a great friendship or help a day be better. Everyone loves a good compliment! Especially guys. Just remember not to be fake.

How to Say Thank You to a Compliment From Your Boss?

At the end of a big presentation to your boss, one that you have worked very hard on, your boss comments that you did a great job. You are excited, but unsure how to respond. Accepting compliments ... Read More »

What's the best compliment you got on your cooking?

I think that's wonderful, good for you and I don't think you can get a better compliment than that, mine was almost the same when my mom told me she couldn't have made it any better.That was a chri... Read More »

How to Compliment a Man Who Catches Your Eye?

It's easy to play "hard to get" with the person you're targeting. But when a guy has caught your eyes, take these notes into consideration.