How to Act when Approaching a Tiger?

Answer This tiger looks like it wants YOU as a meal. Watch out!Tigers can be fun animals, but they can be dangerous too, especially in the wild. Although they usually don't think of humans as food, they c... Read More »

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How to Study for an Approaching Exam?

Studying for a few days can be tiring, but it always pays off!Most people who have gone through the school system can clearly recall the panic they felt when they realize that an exam is coming up ... Read More »

A thunderstorm is approaching! Do I really need to shut off my computer?

It's the recommendation that you unlplug completely from the wall if it's a very strong electrical storm. If you're using a surge protector though, then you're fine.

Why do people get in front of you when you are approaching fast?

its just proof all people are not equal. i dunno if their dumb or just have a deathwish, but im always watching for them.personally i love it when they pull out right in front of you, but its ok be... Read More »

How to Avoid a Group of People Approaching You?

It's mid-day, and a guy has just insulted you. You managed to do the same, and embarrass him/her in front of their peers, or in front of a crowd. A few minutes later, their friends are approaching ... Read More »