How to Act on Impulses?

Answer Do you ever get sudden urges to do something and then regret not doing it when you find that the opportunity has passed? Time to build up some courage and be the person you really want to be! This ... Read More »

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Will speeding nerve impulses make you run faster?

On One Hand: Speed and EfficiencyWhile the electronically-charged impulse that flows through a nerve synapse cannot have its speed increased, its ability to increase the efficiency of electrical st... Read More »

Electric nerve impulses I can control, what they called?

I think you may mean post traumatic stressHowever these convulsions are very normal and can occur during any relaxation time not just stressRead up at…

Which cells in the heart can generate electrical impulses on their own?

* Sinoatrial node. The sinoatrial node (also commonly spelled sinuatrial node, abbreviated SA node or SAN, also called the sinus node) is the impulse-generating (pacemaker) tissue located in the ri... Read More »