How to Act at a Dinner Party?

Answer This article will teach you the basic essentials of dinner party etiquette. Read on to learn about good table manners that will help you through any formal or semi formal lunch party or dinner part... Read More »

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What to have for dinner at a dinner and a movie 007 skyfall party?

Steak Dinner Fish Dinner Chicken Dinner Or Vegetarian Dinner Which would you prefer better?

Medium rare Fillet Mignon seasoned with sea salt and pepper...with al dente asparagus and seasoned rice.. and of course, red wine ;)

Tell me some dinner party dissasters....?

Deep fried turkeys exploding (true its happened)(look up fried turkey disasters there is a wide variety of those)Frosting falling off of cakes (happened to me)One time I forgot to put baking powder... Read More »

Help with my dinner party menu?

Needs to be plain with that creamy sauce either roast, chips or a baked spud. Keep it simple.Lots of soups though how about just 2 for choice so people can choose preference served with garlic brea... Read More »