How to Act When a Colleague Becomes Your Boss?

Answer Becoming the boss of former co-workers is a difficult move for any person. Suddenly there are lines that must be drawn and topics of conversation that cannot be discussed. For the co-worker turned ... Read More »

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With our all qualifications & experiences, we shouldn't try to be the boss of our BOSS at works place, agree?

Probably you've composed the question with contradictions, I'm sorry to say so! When one has that "qualifications" & "experiences", one would never go to be the 'boss' of one's BOSS! Well, I unders... Read More »

How to Cope With a Grieving Colleague?

Sitting near or being around a grieving colleague can be fairly difficult as you worry about whether or not you are putting your foot in it or not being supportive or not. There is no right or wron... Read More »

How to Criticize a Colleague's Work?

There will be times in a work environment where you may be forced to criticize a colleague's work. Learning to do this in a positive manner is necessary if you want to remain friends with that pers... Read More »

How to Forgive a Backstabbing Colleague?

Sometimes competition inside corporation brings up the worst side of human behavior. In order to get the promotion or the raise, some professional use a lame action namely backstabbing. However, in... Read More »