How to Act Suprised by a Gift You Don't Like?

Answer Sometimes it's hard to act surprised when you receive a gift and you hate it. Other times you might need to feign surprise include when you have the gift item already, or you knew what it was befor... Read More »

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I have a thousand dollar gift card but I dont no what to get which one is better and ipad 2 or an asus u43jc bamboo series?

Are suprised when theres no one voted out in American Idol?

no, they hadx to use the extra week somehow, and that was probably how they were going to do it, i heard abot people saying they thought that was going to happen

Parents, What Is One Thing That People Would Be Suprised About You?

People outside my home are very surprised to hear that I lost my kids because I spanked them out of anger.My coworkers always tease me about, 'Oh, don't P*** steve off or he'll get mad at us.' bec... Read More »

Who else is shocked or suprised that Bernie Mac died?

Wow he died that's crazy ? From pneumonia too didn't ppl stop dying from in the middle ages or when your really old . My heart goes out to his family and fans . Very sad news indeed :(. R.I.P Berni... Read More »