How to Act Strict and Important (for Girls)?

Answer Sometimes people don't take girls seriously! Here are some ways to become a more serious girl in the eyes of the people that just won't treat you with respect just because you're a girl!

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How to Look Great in a Strict School Uniform (Girls)?

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How to Dress Cute in an Extremely Strict School Uniform (Girls)?

Trying to look for a way to dress up your uniform. But all the other articles' ideas your school would not allow. Believe me, I was in that same position. Hopefully this article will help you.

Girls only!!!...what is more important to u..?

i prefer to be called pretty by women.guys can call any girl pretty as long as they are breathing and have breasts and an @$$.girls meanwhile are more discriminating, as you have also said. so i kn... Read More »

Is it important for girls to know cooking?

It's very important for girls to know cooking. And for boys, too! How will you survive if you can't cook? You can't live on takeout - at least not for long. It'll either kill you or your pocket boo... Read More »