How to Act More Intelligent?

Answer Sometimes, you may be called "the dullest knife in the drawer", or "one fry short of a happy meal." Perhaps you feel that people teasing you for your lack of intelligent or lack of wanting to be in... Read More »

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Who is more intelligent A COMPUTER OR A HUMAN?

A human is the only one that can ask questions. Computers are usless because they only have the answers.

How to Become More Intelligent Than You Are Now?

Do you ever feel stupid around other people? Are you embarrassed when you don’t know the answer to a teacher’s question? Everybody has those times when they just feel like they don’t know any... Read More »

How to Appear More Intelligent in Class?

This article will show you how to appear more intelligent in class.

Would I be more intelligent if I drank better beer?

No, but you can stop the process of getting stupider from drinking the cheap stuff. It rots your gut and your brain cells. Ask me how I knowMy favoritesNewcastleSierra Nevada PaleGuinessBoddingtons... Read More »