How to Act Like an Evil Vampire?

Answer If you want to pull a prank on your friends, or wanted people to think you were an evil, confident vampire, at school? Read on! This is for school purposes.

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How to Be an Evil Vampire on Club Penguin?

Here's how to be the coolest, best, evilest, way to be a vampire on Club Penguin!

Van Helsing vs Underworld vs Blade vs Resident Evil vs Dracula = best vampire movie ever?

Well, first of all, Resident Evil is a zombie movie, not a vampire one.Second, Van Helsing sucked. I love Hugh Jackman, but this movie was terrible, sorry!the first Blade was great, but from then o... Read More »

What vampire movies would you advise to an adult who doesn't understand the story behind the vampire.?

Dracula, I forget who directed it. Bit there was one made in the mid 90s that went through the original story of the first vampire. Vlad the Impailer was a big inspiration for the author that wrote... Read More »

Why cant i get my avatar to show up correctly sum generic vampire for the game shows up to everyone else as my vampire?