How to Act Like an Evil Vampire?

Answer If you want to pull a prank on your friends, or wanted people to think you were an evil, confident vampire, at school? Read on! This is for school purposes.

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How to Be an Evil Vampire on Club Penguin?

Here's how to be the coolest, best, evilest, way to be a vampire on Club Penguin!

Van Helsing vs Underworld vs Blade vs Resident Evil vs Dracula = best vampire movie ever?

Well, first of all, Resident Evil is a zombie movie, not a vampire one.Second, Van Helsing sucked. I love Hugh Jackman, but this movie was terrible, sorry!the first Blade was great, but from then o... Read More »

What is 80's or 90's TV series where a girl vampire befriends a human boy the intro is sung with a British accent something like Out in the dark yada yada yada yada yada yada vampire?

Jackie Chan it's called 'The Little Vampire', it's actually German so must have been voice over. They made one 13 episode series based on books by a German author.

I want to be a vampire but I don't know how to become a vampire, How can I be a vampire?

Hahahaha!!! Funny, you can start with me, I wanna be too...Funny