How to Act Like a Hybird Vampire?

Answer Want to be a hybrid vampire? Read on! (this means being part human part vampire).

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What is 80's or 90's TV series where a girl vampire befriends a human boy the intro is sung with a British accent something like Out in the dark yada yada yada yada yada yada vampire?

Jackie Chan it's called 'The Little Vampire', it's actually German so must have been voice over. They made one 13 episode series based on books by a German author.

I want to be a vampire but I don't know how to become a vampire, How can I be a vampire?

Hahahaha!!! Funny, you can start with me, I wanna be too...Funny

How to Act Like a Vampire?

Whether it's for Halloween, a costumed event, a performance, or a committed lifestyle choice, many people love the glamour of dressing up as vampires. Here are some suggestions on how to perfect th... Read More »

How to Make a Ownage RuneScape Hybird?

Now making hybirds are really fun but take some time, so be patient!