How to Act Like a Hipster?

Answer Hipsters are known for being blunt with their opinions and they think that they're better than everyone else. Here are a few tips to act like them.

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How to Keep up With a Hipster?

If you are going to keep up with a hipster, you are going to have to BE a hipster. However, not all hipsters are created equal. What you consider to be hip and cool, others may think of as dorky or... Read More »

How to Be a Hipster?

It can be hard to fit in. It can be even harder to look like you're not trying to fit in. This is the Hipster's dilemma. With these tips, however, you will be able to blend into the scene with no t... Read More »

How to Be the Perfect Hipster?

Hipster is a slang term used to describe youth of the contemporary subculture who are often identified as young, middle-class urbanites with broad interests in independent works, particularly in mu... Read More »

How to Be a Modern Day Hipster?

Hipsters are complicated, eco-friendly, smart, and all around intriguing characters! It's easy to see what would attract a person to want to be a hipster! Being a hipster is an easy transition if y... Read More »