How to Act Like You Know Karate?

Answer This is an article about faking martial arts mastery. It will take you through a flying kick.

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What is karate oyama?

Oyama karate is a full-contact Japanese style of karate. The ultimate goal of Oyama karate is to develop students with strength, discipline and integrity. The emphasis in classes is on hard work, r... Read More »

How to Do a Karate Roll?

If you are studying karate and you just can't get the hang of doing rolls, then here is the article for you! Follow these steps and you will become a pro in no time(no guarantees)! Good Luck!

What does karate mean in English?

Karate is a Japanese word that describes an ages-old martial art. The word consists of two Japanese characters. The first, kara, means "empty." The second, te, means "hand." Therefore, the word kar... Read More »

How to Kiai in Karate?

When you start your karate session, you will notice that sometimes people yell. If you're wondering why they're doing this, it's called a 'Kiai', and it's a form of intimidation used against your o... Read More »