How to Act Like You Got a Joke when You Really Did Not?

Answer Has someone ever told you a joke and you didn't get it but laughed anyway? And then worried straight away that the person telling the joke and others who "got it" just know you are faking it? Maybe... Read More »

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Why would a television turn itself on Seriously. No Joke. No joke answers please.?

Several possibilities. One is timer. Some tv's have a timer that when enabled will turn your TV on at a set time/day. Another possibility is the use of another remote control. All current remot... Read More »

Please help. This is not a joke,What should i do/?

You don't need to go to the ER or the Doctors or call medical help. Don't waste their time with something like that. Not saying it doesnt hurt but its nothing life threating or like your going to l... Read More »

How to Take a Joke?

Fun is fun. But when the joke's on you, sometimes it's hard to know how to react, respond, and continue having a good time. Here's how to take it without steaming up.

How to Tell a Joke?

Orny Adams said it best: "I never even knew pain until I got into comedy.". It's true; telling a joke can be tough. Whether the joke is your original material or a retelling of some classic materia... Read More »