How to Act Like Tsukasa Hiiragi from Lucky Star?

Answer The ever-so-cute Tsukasa Hiiragi!Everyone in the anime world knows about the ever-so-cute Tsukasa Hiiragi from the popular show Lucky Star. This article will help you learn how to look and act like... Read More »

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How to Act Like Konata Izumi from Lucky Star?

Please improve this article to meetCharacter Article Standards. Please edit, then remove this notice. Notice added on 2011-01-09.Have you ever wondered how to act like Konata? Have no fear anymore!

Does lucky channel from lucky star have a website?

Miranda Hobbs gave birth to a son, Brady Hobbs, in I heart NY. She gives birth at Mount Siani hospital and calls Carrie away from her last date with Big before he goes to Naper Valley, CA. You see ... Read More »

How is Lucky star like Suzumiya Haruhi?

Most notably the anime adaptions for both are done by the same studio (Kyoto Animation). They also both have the same lead voice actress (Hirano Aya), and many of Lucky Star's supporting characters... Read More »

How to Make a Lucky Star?

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