How to Act Like Tak from "Invader Zim"?

Answer Irken with zest, attitude and incredible cunningness. Want to act, or be like TAK? Then read on...

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Who is Gir from invader zim?

GIR is an robot (sir unit) given to the irken defective zim when he goes on a fake mission to planet earth. He rarely obeys Zim's commands, yet was never permanentlyreplaced because he seems to be ... Read More »

How to Be an Invader Zim Fan?

So, you like the show Invader Zim but you don't know how to show it? This article should give you the right information on how to be a fan of Invader Zim.

How to Enjoy Invader Zim?

This is for people who wish to understand and enjoy the cartoon, Invader Zim.

How to Delete PDM Invader?

If you run the Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 program, you may occasionally see warnings that a certain application (often Outlook) is infected with "PDM Invader." Oddly enough, Kaspersky will of... Read More »