How to Acquire a Minnesota State Insurance License?

Answer If you enjoy helping people and are looking for a results-oriented work environment, then maybe the insurance industry is for you. First you'll need to obtain your license.

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If you have no US state drivers license which car insurance companies will take an international license and give you the best rates?

Answer It is relevant to what state you reside.The original question said NJWe lived in PA for 4 years and my husband got his insurance through a broker.

Can you register a car in one state and have insurance and Drivers License in another state?

This is a gray area, but I would recommend getting them all in one state and not to take any chances..

If you live and have a drivers license in one state but work in another in which state do you register your car and get insurance?

doesnt matterYou would register and provide insurance in the State you live.

How do I transfer my Washington state insurance to a California insurance license?

Every state in the United States has its own testing and requirements for insurance licensing. State reciprocity agreements among most states allow a person who holds a license in one state to avoi... Read More »