How to Acquire Another IP Address to Have Fast Internet Speed?

Answer The IP address assigned to your computer connects to the server of the Internet service provider you use to access the web. You Internet browsing speed will depend on the type of Internet service y... Read More »

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What is Fast Internet Speed in Mbs?

Casual Internet users generally consider 1 to 3 Mbs to be fast, while most advanced users consider 3 to 5 Mbs fast. As of 2010, Verizon offers high-speed Internet for home users ranging from 1 to 7... Read More »

How fast is internet speed?

The average download speed in the United States is 5.1 megabits per second. The average upload speed is 1.1 megabits per second. The United States ranks 28th when it comes to residential Internet s... Read More »

How Do I Get Fast Speed Internet Without DSL?

Although you might think that DSL is your fastest path to the Internet, there are actually several other types of high speed Internet that will have speeds that are just the same, or even quicker, ... Read More »

How to Get Fast Internet Speed?

You have lots of options for getting fast Internet access, including options for mobile phones, PDAs, laptops and home computers. High-speed, digital Internet access could make your connection 100 ... Read More »