How to Achieve a Good Result Using Car Aerosols on a Car Body?

Answer Auto detailers are hired for their expertise, experience and attention to detail when designing and painting cars. However, their use of special paints and application equipment made specifically f... Read More »

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What foods should I eat to achieve the most offensive body oder?

Onions, garlic, limburger cheese and kimchee. At the same time. Washed down with haymaker's switchel. A stench like that will keep everyone (and everything) away for a very long time. Possibly for... Read More »

How to Achieve a Natural Look Using Lipstick?

This article will show you how to achieve a natural look with lipstick and powder!

How do I Achieve Professional Effects Using Crest Whitestrips?

Crest Whitestrips are plastic strips coated with whitening gel. They are applied to teeth and left on to leave teeth pearly white. When used correctly, Crest Whitestrips can provide the same effect... Read More »

What will be the result if airbubble injected with 20ml syrinze in humen body through vain?

A 20 ML air bubble would mess you up and would likely be murder. However, when I was in the hospital ( for 6 weeks) , I saw small air bubbles in IV lines and was concerned. I ask about it and the... Read More »