How to Achieve Depth Perception in a Drawing?

Answer Depth perception can be achieved in a drawing using tried and true art techniques. Objects look smaller as they recede in space. Artists use vanishing points in drawings to help them construct obje... Read More »

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Could glasses help with depth perception?

Yes glasses can help. I know a friend whose refractive errors are so different between his two eyes, that when he is looking at a distance he is essentially seeing using mostly the eye that is bet... Read More »

Development & Stages of Depth Perception?

Depth perception refers to the ability to see and understand the 3-D spatial relationship and relative distance between objects and oneself. Its primary value is to make hand-eye coordination effic... Read More »

Could you fake a loss in depth perception?

A big loss in depth perception can't just happen on it's own without a cause.. There would also have to be a big loss of vision in one eye for that to happen.You won't be able to fool the Dr. with ... Read More »

Science Project Ideas on Depth Perception?

Middle school science fairs are opportunities for students to study subjects of interest that may not be covered in school. Many students choose to do projects on subjects that they would like to k... Read More »