How to Ace an Online Phone Interview?

Answer As more companies go global and employees telecommute, online phone interviews are gaining in popularity, especially with video chat capability and services like Skype. They are also a great way to... Read More »

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How can I record an audio interview online?

I think Fraps can record it.Also try RaidCall, I believe raidcall has a record chat function and its just as easy as skype to use.

How to Be Successful in a Phone Interview?

How to get job: Guarantee Success During a Phone Interview. So we're in an economic recession and you've made it passed the black hole of applying online or have had your resume hand picked from a ... Read More »

Phone Interview Etiquette?

Phone interviews are a popular way for employers to screen potential employees. With preparation and practice, you can develop etiquette skills for phone interviews so you excel during the intervie... Read More »

Phone Interview Protocol?

Most employers nowadays want a "sneak peek" at potential job candidates, and they can achieve this through a phone interview. Although the format may seem casual, don't be fooled; the phone intervi... Read More »