How to Access the Error Codes for a Ford Ranger?

Answer Ford Rangers produced since 1996 have the standardized OBD-II on-board diagnostic system that monitors engine performance. Issues that arise with different aspects of the engine, such as oxygen se... Read More »

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How to Access Error Codes for a 2006 Ford Ranger?

The 2006 Ford Ranger's power train control module stores error codes, known as diagnostic trouble codes, whenever a malfunction is detected in any of the Ranger's power train systems. These codes c... Read More »

How to Read Error Codes on 1998 Ford Ranger?

When there is a problem with your 1998 Ford Ranger's emissions system, or if there is a problem with any of the valves, solenoids, or sensors on the Ranger, you'll see a "check engine" light illumi... Read More »

How to Access Jeep Liberty Error Codes?

You can access your Jeep Liberty's error codes from your home, saving you time and money. Jeeps manufactured after 1996 come equipped with an On-Board Diagnostics II computer (OBD II) that retrieve... Read More »

How to Reset the OBD-II Codes on a Ford Ranger?

Resetting the OBD-II codes on a Ford Ranger is a simple fix that requires no expensive tools. The truck's computer stores trouble codes it detects from sensors placed throughout the vehicle. When i... Read More »