How to Access the Bios, Grub Boot Menu and Bash Shell of a Data Domain Appliance?

Answer The BIOS and Grub boot menu of Data Domain Appliances are protected by passwords. Even though the Data Domain Appliance runs Linux, you can't usually access a real shell. You are limited to Data Do... Read More »

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How do I change the Grub boot menu order?

Open a TerminalClick "Applications," click "Accessories" or "System Tools," depending on your Linux distribution, and click "Terminal." Type "cd /etc/grub.d/" into the Terminal window, and press "E... Read More »

How do i change the ubuntu grub boot menu order?

Install Startup ManagerBeginning with Ubuntu 9.10, the GRUB boot manager has been upgraded and now includes a graphical user interface, for managing the configuration of GRUB, called Startup Manage... Read More »

Access data on a hard drive with a damaged master boot record and boot sector ?

Yeah, you can access those files.What I would do is to plug the hard drive into an external hard drive enclosure and then plug it into my computer via USB. Assuming you lack that equipment, you sh... Read More »

How do I access the BIOS menu on a Dell laptop?

Restart the computer. Every computer has a BIOS that is accessed by restarting the computer. During the start-up, instructions will briefly tell you which key to press to enter setup or to enter th... Read More »