How to Access Your 2Wire Router?

Answer 2Wire routers and modems don't use software installed on a computer in order to make changes. Instead, the 2Wire devices have a Web-based configuration utility that's hosted on the router or modem ... Read More »

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How to Access 2Wire Router Address?

The 2Wire residential gateway is a wireless router and a modem all in one. To change any of the internal settings in the 2Wire you will have to access the router. The hardest part of accessing the ... Read More »

What port does a 2Wire router use for remote access?

On most 2Wire routers, the Web Remote Access is configured to accept incoming connections using standard HTTP on port 80 and SSL connections on port 443. Some Internet service providers may have cu... Read More »

How to Set Up an AT&T 2Wire Router?

The AT&T 2Wire Router offers subscribers to AT&T's DSL service the ability to connect to the Internet wirelessly or through the use of Ethernet cables. The AT&T 2Wire Router is a book-sized electro... Read More »

Instructions for a 2Wire Router?

2Wire routers are frequently used to connect to DSL Internet service providers such as AT&T and Qwest. Setting up a 2Wire router to work with the Internet involves configuring some of its advanced ... Read More »