How to Access Decimal Data Type 2007?

Answer The Decimal data type is a type of variable in computer programming. Variables store data and declaring the variable as a Decimal data type tells the code that only decimal numbers will be stored. ... Read More »

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What is a field's data type in Access?

Fields can be created in Microsoft Access by assigning a field name and a field data type. The field data type will specify what type of data the field will contain; for example, the number data ty... Read More »

Hi All, how do I create a user defined data type in access for numbers in the range 10000 to 100000. Thanks.?

See the guide here:…

How to Format a Query to One Decimal Place in Access?

Access queries extract data out of the database. When creating queries, you can specify the fields you want to see in the output. The information can be refined by specifying criteria. Formattin... Read More »

Do you have to uninstall the student 2007 home office edition to use the free trial of Access 2007?

Microsoft Access is only available for free trial or purchase bundled with the Office Professional Suite. In order to use Access, you will need to download the trial version of Office Professional... Read More »