How to Access DSL Internet From Multiple Locations?

Answer DSL stands for Digital Subscriber Line, a type of broadband Internet service offered through digital phone lines. It is generally not as fast as cable Internet service, though it is considerably fa... Read More »

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How do multiple computers access the internet through a single connection?

The most commonly used method of sharing an Internet connection is by using a "router." Routers are small, stationary devices that will locally or wirelessly transmit your Internet connection.Wired... Read More »

What is the cause of plaster popping off in multiple locations on a 7-year-old pool?

AnswerWell, there are numerous reasons why this could happen, but the most likely is that the resurface job that took place 7 years prior was not prepared correctly. To save time and to still profi... Read More »

Is WiMAX a big access point or does it still requiere installation of multiple access points inside buildings?

As I understand it, WiMAX is not meant for indoor broadcast use. The root device connect to a carrier is mounted on a tower and broadcasts over several miles. A user will have a WiMAX client device... Read More »

Is there wireless access in the library so that I could access the Internet on my laptop?

Yes. Wireless computing is available throughout the College at both the New Westminster and David Lam campuses. The login process is the same as accessing a desktop computer: your username is th... Read More »