How to Access BIOS in a Velocity Micro Machine?

Answer Velocity Micro is a custom computer manufacturer based in Richmond, Virginia. They build computers to cater to the specific needs of their consumers such as high-end gaming computers and profession... Read More »

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Can you get Angry Birds on a Velocity Micro Cruz Reader?

How do I access the BIOS in Win Me?

Keyboard CommandDetermine the keyboard command that will allow access to your computer's BIOS. The correct key to press varies by motherboard manufacturer or computer vendor, not your version of Wi... Read More »

How do I access an HP computer BIOS?

Restart your computer by clicking "Start" on the Windows desktop, clicking the arrow to the right of the padlock icon (Windows Vista) or "Shut down" button (Windows 7), and selecting "Restart". Wat... Read More »

How do I access the BIOS on an HP computer?

StartupTurn on or restart you HP computer.Find the right function keyPress "F1" when the Hewlett-Packard logo screen appears on the display to bring up the main page with the BIOS information. Do t... Read More »