How to Accept a Call Waiting Call on My AT&T Cell Phone?

Answer Call Waiting allows you to receive incoming calls when you are already talking on your AT&T wireless phone. When another caller attempts to reach you, you will hear a beep from your phone's receive... Read More »

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I've got internet call waiting. What I need to know is do I need to shut my call waiting on my phone?

you need the feature "call waiting on busy" then put in *70 before you put your access-number and your dial-up!

How 2 block a private call/unknown call from my T-mobile cell phone?

1) confront the person.2) ignore the calls and they'll eventually get bored and stop.3) call your phone company and find out if they can reject unknown callers.

How do you or did you cope with waiting for that phone call?

It's all based on personality. I'm not an anxious person, so I didn't worry. I had 24 hours until I found out the preliminary results of my core needle biopsy and then a week's wait for the full ... Read More »

What is the number combination that turns off call waiting on your house phone?

*70 Call Waiting Disable (Per Call)just put *70 before the number, so its on a one time basis....just what you wanted!!! right??