How to Accelerate Your Child to the Next Grade?

Answer Think carefully before deciding to accelerate your child to the next grade level. While he may be academically ready, it's important that he is also mentally and socially ready to skip a grade. Spe... Read More »

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How to Accelerate a Kid From 5th to 6th Grade?

Children learn at different paces. Some children are slower learners, while others learn material at a quicker rate. Advancing children from the fifth to sixth grade can have advantages and disadva... Read More »

What Supplies Will My Child Need for First Grade?

The family of a first grader usually receives a supply list from the child's school indicating what kinds of materials the child will need. There might also be a "wish list" -- a list of supplies t... Read More »

Does your child need to read before first grade?

On One Hand: Reading Is Not Required to EnterBefore entering first grade, children should be familiar with the alphabet and be able to match a picture with its first letter. For example, if you sho... Read More »

How to Talk to a Child About a Bad Grade?

Your son or daughter may have come home from school with their report cards, and you see a bad mark. This article will teach you how to establish trust with your child so they won't fear you for ba... Read More »