How to: A Swiss Flag Lapel Pin Made With Beads?

Answer A Swiss flag lapel pin can be made with red and white size "E" beads and safety pins. The iconic flag of Switzerland, which has a red background with a white cross in the center, can be made by str... Read More »

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A History of the Flag Lapel Pin?

The history of lapel pins dates to the Civil War, when troops on both sides were given pins intended to bond units together. Since World War I, the lapel pin has been used by large police and fire ... Read More »

How to Make an American Flag Lapel Pin?

This is a cheap and fun way to show festivity on the fourth of July or any other day!

Is it true that ABC bans wearing a flag lapel pin?

All news networks, including ABC, have a long-standing policy against wearing flag lapel pins or other patriotic symbols. After the 9/11 attacks, when some journalists wanted to show their support ... Read More »

How is Swiss cheese made with bacteria?

Different strains of bacteria are used when making Swiss cheese. Bacteria serves to curdle milk, convert lactic acid to carbon dioxide and develop Swiss cheese's natural appearance and flavor.Separ... Read More »