How thick should wall tile be?

Answer On One Hand: One Quarter Inch is StandardMost commercially available wall tiles have a standard thickness of one quarter inch. Glazed wall tile is typically made from lightweight porcelain, and usu... Read More »

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What is the tile piece that connects wall tile to floor tile?

It is called a cove tile. It has a little curve at the bottom to connect to the floor tiles.

While putting grout on the shower wall all of the tile fell off. Do I have erect tile dysfunction?

Indeed...The tile may have erect tile disfunction...but for a quick fix I heard that the shower gives good head.note to self - don't give answers that go down the drain

Do you install ceramic wall tile or floor tile first?

Ceramic tile walls should be placed and set before a tile floor is put down. This practice is largely to avoid the scuffs and other hazards that wall tiling would pose to your newly-laid floor. If ... Read More »

What would cause the inside wall in a tile shower to become wet if there is no plumbing in this wall?

Answer If there is no plumbing in the wall it has to be either a leak from upstairs that's running down the wall or the grout or caulk has gone bad and every time you take a shower you make it wors... Read More »