How thick should subfloor underlayment be?

Answer The recommended thickness of subfloor underlayment is dependent on the type of flooring to be laid. According to Better Homes and Gardens, hardwood, carpet, vinyl and laminate flooring need 3/4-inc... Read More »

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How thick should cork underlayment be?

On One Hand: Pressure/SoundBecause the cells that make up the structure of cork are filled with air the material is perfect for controlling the flow of sound. For most types of flooring, including... Read More »

Can I nail underlayment for oak flooring through the subfloor into the joists?

Do not nail down the underlayment. This creates holes where moisture can penetrate through to the wood. To keep the underlayment from shifting, tape down the edges. This will not cause damage to th... Read More »

How much should I overlap my felt underlayment on my roof?

Felt roof underlayment requires a 2-inch overlap. The higher course of felt underlayment must rest on top of the lower course to keep water from penetrating between the lapped joints.Source:Warrior... Read More »

What size wood columns should be used,in a crawlspace, that sit on concrete mounts and support subfloor?

You have not given:Location - which may affect the applicable codes.Column spacing - which will affect the load-per-column.A 4x4 properly installed and braced, not overly long can support a substan... Read More »