How thick should grout for ceramic tile be?

Answer The proper thickness of grout for ceramic tile should be similar to a thick cake batter, according to Ask the If the grout has the consistency of a milkshake that means you've added mo... Read More »

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How do I remove dry grout from ceramic tile?

Main RemovalRemove the majority of the grout, or as much as you can, using a Dremel tool with a grout attachment. Carefully work around the tiles, slowly chipping away the grout, taking care not to... Read More »

How to Remove Grout From Used Ceramic Tile?

If you are salvaging old ceramic tile for a new installation, you may need to remove old grout. Grout is made of cement, and when it hardens onto tile, it becomes nearly permanent. The easiest way ... Read More »

How do I grout a ceramic tile floor?

Prepare the GroutFill a small bucket with enough dry grout to cover two to three square feet of tile because the grout dries fast and, if you mix too much, you will just waste the grout. Add the re... Read More »

How do I remove grout from used ceramic tile?

Put on safety glasses and grind out as much grout as possible using a dremel tool with a grout attachment. Sweep all the debris and dust from the seams using a broom.Remove all remaining areas of g... Read More »