How thick should a concrete driveway be?

Answer On One Hand: Four-Inch MinimumPour your concrete driveway to a thickness of no less than 4 inches. Consider going even an inch or two thicker at your driveway's edges, extending out as much as 8 in... Read More »

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How to Measure a Driveway for Concrete 4 Inches Thick?

If you're planning to order concrete for a driveway, the company you order it from will want to know how many yards you need. A yard of concrete is actually a cubic yard. If you know that you want ... Read More »

How thick should a blacktop driveway be?

Two inches of blacktop are sufficient for driveways. What is more important than the thickness of the asphalt is the type and thickness of the gravel underneath. Use crushed, angular gravel, piled ... Read More »

How thick should cement be for a driveway?

According to Michigan city inspector Matt Bezanson, a cement residential driveway is usually 4 inches thick, but city code requirements will vary by location. Cement should be poured with uniform t... Read More »

How thick should the gravel base be under an asphalt driveway?

You will need a solid layer of gravel as a foundation beneath an asphalt driveway. Apply 8 to 10 inches of crushed and compacted gravel on top of the soil before paving with asphalt.References:Ask ... Read More »