How thick is a ten-inch schedule 40 steel pipe?

Answer 10-inch steel pipe has a wall thickness of .365 of an inch. The outside diameter of 10-inch schedule 40 pipe is 10.75 inches. Wall thickness and outside diameter of pipes remain the same regardless... Read More »

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How thick is Schedule 40 pipe?

The thickness of Schedule 40 pipe depends on the nominal pipe size. For a 1-inch pipe, the minimum wall thickness is 0.133 inches. For a 16-inch pipe, the minimum wall thickness is 0.500 inches. Th... Read More »

What is the pressure rating of schedule 40 stainless steel pipe?

Pressure ratings vary by pipe size, temperature, specific stainless alloy, and whether the pipe is seamless or not. For example, the pressure rating for a 1-inch diameter schedule 40 seamless type... Read More »

Will two 1.5-inch PVC pipes into a 2-inch PVC pipe flow as much water as 2-inch PVC into your pool pump and what would be the max gpm the pump could draw and would you need three 1.5-inch pipes?

Answer I'm no pool expert but I can do the basic maths. I'd presume the limiting factor on how much water will pass through a pipe is its cross sectional area, and that these are circular pipes. If... Read More »

How do you install a three-eighths inch flex dishwasher hose to half-inch copper pipe?

Answer Buy a 1/2 inch female iron pipe angle stop with a 3/8 inch compression outlet.