How thick is 8 gauge?

Answer Gauge designation of sheet metal depends on the kind of material that is measured. Some standard 8-gauge sheet metal thicknesses are: standard steel (0.1644 inches), galvanized steel (0.168 inches)... Read More »

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How thick is 10 gauge aluminum?

Aluminum wire that measures 10 AWG (American wire gauge) is 0.1019 inch---or 2.588 millimeters---in diameter. Both sheet aluminum and aluminum wire use the American wire gauge to measure the thickn... Read More »

How thick is 4-gauge aluminum?

A piece of 4-gauge aluminum is 0.2043 inches thick, which corresponds to approximately 5.19 millimeters. Aluminum's thickness gauge is not the same as other metals. For instance, 4-gauge steel shee... Read More »

How thick is 0 gauge wire?

According to the American Wire Gauge table of wire standards, zero (0) gauge wire is .3249 inches in diameter. The wire is sometimes referred to as 1/0 gauge to distinguish it from thicker gauges o... Read More »

How thick is 16 gauge aluminum?

A piece of 16-gauge aluminum sheet metal is 0.0508 inches thick. A comparably sized piece of standard steel measures 0.0598 inches thick, while a 16-gauge piece of galvanized steel measures 0.0635 ... Read More »