How thick is 60 ga stretch wrap?

Answer Gauge is a unit of thickness for plastic. One gauge (1ga) equals 1/100,000th of an inch. Sixty gauge stretch wrap measures 60 times this, or 0.0006 inches. In metric units, this is 15.24 micrometer... Read More »

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How to Wrap Thick Hair?

We all have different types of hair. Thick, thin, wavy, you name it! But if you want to know how to wrap THICK hair then here's some easy steps to do it.

What is blown stretch wrap?

Blown stretch wrap is produced by passing heated resin over an air blower. The force of the blown air stretches the resin into thin plastic wrap, much like blowing a piece of bubble gum.Source:Alls... Read More »

How to Stretch a Gallery Wrap Print?

The term gallery wrap refers to the stretching of the print around the backside of the stretcher bar supports. The picture wraps around the sides, giving a seamless and contemporary look to the art... Read More »

How to Gallery Wrap Stretch Canvas?

A gallery wrap is a canvas that is stretched and then stapled on the back so the staples do not show. Paintings stretched in this way look cleaner, and can be hung in galleries unframed. Some artis... Read More »