How they made this Free 10 points! ?

Answer The first one, probably Photoshop or Canvas. The second you could do in Powerpoint, Paint, even Word...

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Are all handcuffs made of silver Or just the ones they put on this guy?

The scary thing is that there is a werewolf still at large and the police don't seem to care.

What is the name of the old childrens TV show where this woman had a bag and inside the bag there were 2 dolls and they came alive and made music?

We were trying to remember this one too. Did you ever find out??

In a double door fridge set points are there in both freezer and cooler sections but you see only one compressor How does this single compressor operate for two different set points?

The compressor does all the cooling. Those set points only control the air movements from the cooling coil area to the freezer or fridge side. So! you adjust the air flow for more or less cooling i... Read More »

There was this TV series in the mid-late 90's that had kids break into a house and they made a wish to become superheroes of somesort what was that show?