How the world will be in 2100?

Answer Great, question. I wish I knew the answer to that. But, I will say this, if the people who are in this world, don't get it together, and stop hating and stop the violence. It won't be a world in... Read More »

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Will a regular DDR PC 2100 memory run in a Dell system?

PC2100 (DDR266) memory is compatible with any Dell system that uses DDR memory, but not models containing other memory types such as SDRAM or DDR2. Note that if you install PC2100 into a system wit... Read More »

Does pentabnd phones automatically mean they will work both on Tmboile's 1700/2100 bands?

Yes, Both Xperia Tx & T will work on T-mobile without any problem. Only Xperia T has LTE & not Xperia TX.The Xperia T is the global flagship model. It packs a 4.6" screen with 720p resolution and s... Read More »

Phenom II x4 965 BE vs. Intel i3-2100?

965 BE is a better processorCory, look at the chart closer...

Can you put a scope on a Crossman 2100 BB gun?

The Crosman model 2100 BB gun was designed to accommodate scopes. The BB gun's receiver comes standard with slots for scope mounts. The model 2100 is a pump action and uses both BBs and .177 calibe... Read More »