How the phukk do I open a file I downloaded from uTorrent?

Answer what is the file extension?Meaning what type of file is it?(((Zilla))I am sorry. I have a crappy time explaining things anyway. I help folks all the time with their computer stuff but I do it by re... Read More »

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I downloaded Norton360 but i cant open and run it because its in the format of a file?

What is the filename, including the part after the dot? From where did you download it?

How do you open downloaded pictures from the phone g2x?

Connect your phone in your PC through USB then leave it for 12 hours then remove your phone from your pc and go to the web page and seach for an Android theme and download it. Then you'll get a mes... Read More »

I want to convert a avi file film i downloaded from a torrent to dvd format?

try YouConvertIt .com, it converts many formats, and no need to install anything. and it's freeit downloads youtube videos, or converts them online

How can one open downloaded pictures from a Sony digital camera when the computer can't find p-suite?

Answer If the images are in a standard format (BMP, JPG, GIF) you should be able to open them with just about any image viewing program; if they're a non-stanmdard format, try using IrfanView (www.... Read More »