How the phukk do I open a file I downloaded from uTorrent?

Answer what is the file extension?Meaning what type of file is it?(((Zilla))I am sorry. I have a crappy time explaining things anyway. I help folks all the time with their computer stuff but I do it by re... Read More »

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I downloaded Norton360 but i cant open and run it because its in the format of a file?

What is the filename, including the part after the dot? From where did you download it?

Wikipedia dump file download interrupted. I have a partially downloaded file. can that be made useful?

How to Open Ports for Utorrent?

uTorrent, a file downloading program, requires port forwarding to be enabled if your computer is located behind a router. Port forwarding takes the information intended for uTorrent and forwards it... Read More »

How do I burn a uTorrent file to a DVD?

Locating Your FileRight-click in uTorrent on the file that you have just downloaded. Select "Open Containing Folder". A window will appear that contains your file.Preparing to BurnInsert a blank DV... Read More »