How the Inside of a Blow Dryer Works?

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How Do I Fix the Blow Fan on a Dryer?

The blower fan in your dryer is a plastic wheel connected to the dryer's motor. As the fan rotates, it pulls air over the heating element and into the drum. The blower also helps propel the hot air... Read More »

History of the Blow Dryer?

The blow dryer is a common hairstyling tool that most women cannot live without. They are made by thousands of manufacturer's world wide and come in a variety of colors and sizes. The blow dryer ha... Read More »

How to Get Wax out of a Rug With a Blow Dryer?

If after reading How to Remove Wax from a Carpet With a Iron and you still can't remove the candle wax from your rug, try this.

How to Care for a Blow-dryer?

Taking care of your blow dryer is easy. Just keep it away from the tub! Just kidding. Bu seriously,t here are some simple tips that will help ensure your dryer lasts for years. Does... Read More »