How television is better than book?

Answer You don't need to be able to read to watch TV. Also, with TV, you can't really go back to re-examine what you just read. So with TV you don't need to be able to think either.So if you don't know h... Read More »

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Television: is Plasma better than LCD?

Plasma are great for dark rooms, they have the best color representation and black level of any micro display TV, they last for 100,000 hours, instantaneous response times, standard definition look... Read More »

What is better to own Plasma Television or LCD Television Why ?

What book has sold more copies than any other book in the history of the world?

The Holy Bible, in all of its translations, has been the most-sold book in the history of the world. Estimates of the numbers of copies that have been sold or distributed range from 2.5 billion to ... Read More »

Which is better for viewing quality pictures to install on you laptop.. windows television with cable or the windows television software only without cable?

If I understand your question correctly, you want to know the best way to watch TV on your Windows laptop. I'm not sure if you are inquiring about a Cable TV subscription or cable connector. In an... Read More »